I Couldn’t Say It Better

John Halstead has a great post over at The Allergic Pagan on Patheos that I think any Atheopagan will find worth a read, thoughtfully challenging the pitfalls of thinking that can arise when those with a naturalist/humanist approach to Paganism consider their sisters and brothers who believe in gods…and vice versa.

In the wake of this year’s Pantheacon—and there is so much to say about my experiences there that I will probably have several posts about it—I encourage you to take a look. Even as Atheopaganism and other paths of Paganism with a naturalistic approach to cosmology grow, become more visible and take their places in the constellation of Pagan traditions, his is an open-hearted and, again, very thoughtful approach to maintaining in our minds the core recognition that fundamental to all healthy human interactions is respect and openness. Go check it out.


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