“Pantheism, Archetype, and Deities in Ritual, Part 3” by Shauna Aura Knight

More, and powerfully, effectively communicated. I recommend Pt. 2, also but reblogging the whole series feels like stealing rather than excerpting. Go find it at humanisticpaganism.com!

Naturalistic Paganism

Note: This series is a follow-up to my essay, “I Don’t Believe in Purification”.  In this 3-part series, I offer some additional context for my approach to deity, spirituality, and ritual.

Divine Communion and Ritual Goals

What strikes me as a bit of a paradox is that one of the core pieces of any of the rituals I do is trying to help people get to divine communion. I’m trying to get ritual participants in real connection with the divine. With their own gods and spirits, if that’s their theology, even if I don’t share their theological views.

I’m doing that through ecstatic trance techniques with chanting, dancing, singing, drumming, movement…with open-language and multi-voice trance journeys…with the structure of the ritual itself.

The rituals I facilitate generally have three goals. To help people connect together as a community, to help people connect to their deep selves and/or connect to the divine…

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