The Beauty of Home

I live in a spectacular place: Sonoma County, California. I have for a long while, and especially since having to move back into an urban center after nearly two decades in the country, it’s been hard for me to remember sometimes how blessed I am, how remarkable it is here.

Still, there is a reason why people come here from all over the world, and it isn’t just to get drunk and call it “wine tasting”. Nestled in soft valleys against the Pacific Ocean, this region is home to soaring redwood forests, rolling oak-and-grassland hills, the (mostly) placid Russian River, and locations of historical interest ranging from Native village sites to a Spanish mission to the only outpost of the Russian Empire in the continental United States. Its population is largely progressive and tolerant. Once the breadbasket of Gold-Rush era San Francisco, this is still a rich agricultural land with sublime food and drink, and there are so many good restaurants in competition with one another that one can eat really well without being completely bankrupted. That said, it has become stupidly expensive to live here, almost unbearable for all but the wealthy.

It’s good, and I love it. I’ve devoted much of my professional life to protecting and conserving its natural beauty and ecological fabric.

So here for Harvest is a bit of celebration of the joy I find in this land.

What do you love about where you live?

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3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Home

  1. I visited that area, years back,and it is absolutely breathtaking! I live in WI, which has its beautiful areas, especially Door County and the La Crosse area. The winters are harsh and a bit brutal. My husband and I dream of living out in that area of CA but, as you stated, the cost of living is too high. We hope to bring our children out there soon. I think my 9 year old daughter will not want to come back once she experiences it though. Her soul is naturally wild!


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