Harvest 2016

We’re coming up to Harvest this week. I’ll be having friends over to enjoy a feast of locally produced food and drink, which is how I like to celebrate this sabbath: as a kind of Atheopagan Thanksgiving.

Last year, I wrote about the shadow sabbath: what happens when the events of life aren’t congruent with the metaphorical themes of a given holiday. It was a hard time of financial distress, having been forced to move from my beloved home of 18 years, and the destruction of a nearby retreat, Harbin Hot Springs, to fire.

This year is better. We found another—albeit much less beautiful—place to live, and I am employed gainfully. We have enough to live not lavishly, but adequately, and things seem to be looking up.

So I am here to express my gratitude for this year’s Harvest of friends and home, of love and food and air and water and beauty and music and all the lovely things. And for you, Atheopagan readers: our conversations on the Facebook group and here have been so gratifying to me, and I’ve learned a lot.

I’m hoping that by this time next year, I will have met many of you in person at Moon Meet in August of 2017. In the meantime, tip up a glass of something you enjoy on the Equinox, and know that I am toasting you as well. Happy Harvest!

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