Atheopagan Symbol Contest

Update: today, July 10, is the deadline for additional submissions (due to additional ideas and discussion on the Facebook group). Please mail to There will be further opportunities to comment and vote after the 10th.

For those of you not on our Facebook group, where voting is happening now, here is your chance to vote for your favorite of these submissions for a symbol for Atheopaganism.

Please choose one option and note it in the comments. If you think we should not have a symbol, or that none of these are right for us, please say that in your comment.

I’m collecting votes for a week or so and will then tally results. Thanks to all who submitted designs and to all of you for your participation!

Logo candidatesSM

6 thoughts on “Atheopagan Symbol Contest

  1. I love the spiral ammonite (2). I also like my DNA designs (number 4 is my favourite). Number 1 is too complicated imho.

    The only problem with the ammonite is that it’d be hard to draw.

    (Don’t count this comment as a vote because I’m not an AtheoPagan, though I like your values very much.)

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  2. While I like the idea of using DNA I think 4&6, less so 5, could too easily be confusing as something youd find in any biology PowerPoint and not unique enough to convey the paganism part of things. If these icons stand without changing I’d lean towards 3 for easiest reproduction and scaling like Kaigi-Ron mentioned.

    However if possible, my favorite is #1, but I’d prefer it be simplified a little for easier scalability. It’s very pretty right now, but it would also work without the leaves on the outside, and keep a simple circle? People could use the fancier version if they wanted, and the simpler version would just have the A and P off the helix (maybe without the connecting lines between the strands for a really minimalist design). That would be my vote if people like that idea!

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    1. As I mentioned in the edit, there will be new candidates as well. Some very good ones were proposed in the comment thread on the Facebook group. After July 10, I will float these for comment and voting, too, and we can start to narrow down the choices.

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