Atheopagan Symbol Contest: Round 2

Where things stand:

Below are the candidate symbols for the second round of voting. They include the top three from the first round. Please vote in the comments either on the Facebook group or below. Please vote by July 17, and only vote for ONE choice!

What happens next:

We will narrow down to a final three for discussion and a final choice. Remember that the symbol chosen is totally optional–if you don’t like it, just don’t use it. Some of us don’t feel we should have a symbol at all; in that case, vote for “NONE”.

Logo candidates2

21 thoughts on “Atheopagan Symbol Contest: Round 2

  1. # 13 because I always talk about that I don’t “worship” the moon but that I understand scientifically that if the moon didn’t exist, sentient life would not be sustainable on earth. (The moon affects the tides which affect the weather which gives us growing seasons for food.) The elements are also needed for life, including the element of the “Spirit” of life in all living beings. That is why I like the pentacle. I am grateful for the moon, the sun. the elements, and for the spirit of life, so I show that honoring them in ritual.


  2. Kaigi-Ron

    I vote for #3. All the ones with a pentacle in a circle instantly say ‘Pagan’; #3 also has a clear A for Atheist. The design is a development of the symbol shown in Mark’s book on Atheopaganism, which is a graphic of Pagan and Atheist symbols overlapping.


  3. 2 or 9. I know the objections to 2 are that other groups use similar art; but ammonite fossils and images are easy and cheap to find, and I could see all of us happily searching out our own versions of this image to wear, put on our altars, etc. etc. etc. The form speaks to the spiral nature of life — a Pagan idea — but also to growth and emergence, mathematics, and evolution.

    9 is preferable to 10 simply because it’s more attractive, but 10’s OK, too. My only quibble with using a sun image is that we haven’t tossed out the Pagan ideas about darkness and light being complementary and in equal balance — yet this seems to be making a clear statement in favor of light. Makes me a bit uncomfortable. (Unless maybe the metaphor is enlightenment; in which case, fiat lux!)

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  4. Kalia Kliban

    Also partial to 2 and 9, since they reference this world, right here, the one we live in/on, and they’re not even remotely pentacular. The ammonite also references the intersection between the natural world and our mathematical understanding/analysis of the world. I understand the reason for not wanting to use a symbol used by another group. Totally reasonable. The shell just resonates strongly for me. The acorn was my other fave, but it was not to be :>)

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