The Earth is Still the Earth


The River Crow

“The world is on fire, and you are here to stay and burn with me” – Ghost, Deus In Absentia.

You can’t fail to notice the devastating effects of climate change are here. Extreme weather, floods, wildfires, droughts. The world, it seems, is not the same as the world we knew.

It seems likely that we have reached, or are past, a critical climate tipping point. It may be too late to stop climate change, or even reduce it to manageable levels.

This realisation has led to a wave of hopelessness, even among seasoned climate activists and Earth-centred Pagan voices. People who were leading the fight are now saying we’re doomed.

I refuse to believe that we are living in some apocalyptic Last Days. I have more confidence in the ability, resourcefulness and sheer bloody stubbornness of my species to simply accept our extinction or the total…

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One thought on “The Earth is Still the Earth

  1. Ananta Androscoggin

    The planet Earth will be just fine, whatever we do or fail to do.
    However, the thin scum of life on and below the surface can certainly find itself unable to survive the conditions we’re creating. Those movies and novels which depict humans in the distant future trying to survive on a planet with unbreatheable (sp?) air outdoors, poisoned water and other hazards may turn out to be referring to a time much closer to our own than anybody thought.


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