A Reminder: Atheopaganism Has a Patreon!

Providing thoughtful material and useful resources for Atheopagans and managing our growing community on Facebook (1,139 members as of today!) takes time, reflection, and work.

I do it because I truly feel called to the task, and gratified that so many are gravitating to our Pagan, atheist path. It is a privilege to support and serve this community of fascinating and diverse folk.

That said, I can use some help as I do so. Ensuring that I have the time carved out for Atheopagan work (even after I find a job again, which will be soon, I trust) is assisted by having some income directly from the community to subsidize my service.

Accordingly, I have a Patreon for Atheopaganism.

Patreon is a great system whereby you can become a Patron of a creative person or group. You make a monthly financial pledge, and that money goes to the person you are supporting.

My Patreon is organized like the Universe: Quarks are tiny but essential at $5 per month; the Virgo Galactic Supercluster is mighty at $101 per month or more. Each level has benefits that go to the pledging Patron.

I’ve also set a couple of goals. When my Patreon reaches $500 per month, I will start an Atheopagan podcast to add to the blog, YouTube and Facebook activity currently taking place. And when I hit $1,000 per month, I will write and compile The Book: The Atheopagan Reader, which will be compilation of existing as well as new material for Atheopagans to use as an inspiration and a reference. Patrons will receive discounts or free copies of the book upon publication as a part of their benefits.

If Atheopaganism is adding something to your life, please consider becoming a Patron. All Patrons are recognized on the blog website (unless you prefer to be anonymous) and in the programs of events like Moon Meet.

You can learn more about becoming a Patron and make a pledge by going here.

Thank you for considering patronage of Atheopaganism!


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