CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for the Atheopagan Blog

Atheopaganism is a collaborative enterprise: a constellation of individual practices that share certain things in common, like a naturalistic cosmology, a set of values and principles, and ritual practices that enact, invoke and embody our celebration of the world and of living. We all do it a little differently, and that’s a part of its beauty: it is intended not as a template that all participating must follow, but as a landscape of possibilities, through which each of us can choose our way in the manner which best serves us.

Your Atheopaganism is not my Atheopaganism, exactly, and that is precisely as it should be.

I am the publisher of the Atheopaganism blog, and I write most of what is published here. But we have so many more voices! I would love to host writing by you on subjects such as (but not limited to):

  • My Atheopagan practice
  • How I celebrate (X) Sabbath
  • How my practice dovetails with my local ecosystem and/or climate
  • How I’m raising kids in an Atheopagan household
  • My rite of passage ritual (naming, wedding, passage to adulthood, funeral, etc.)
  • Thoughts on Atheopagan philosophy
  • My daily (or weekly, or every lunar cycle) ritual
  • How I made my ritual tool
  • My beautiful Atheopagan invocation/poem/prose
  • My cool Atheopagan craft project or piece of art
  • My pilgrimage hike 

Please send submissions to atheopagan (at)

I look forward to reading your work!

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