Favorite Atheopaganism Posts of 2018

2018 was a hard year.

But I did get some writing done.

I published more than 100 posts to the Atheopagan website this year on a wide range of topics. In celebration of the New Year, here are thirteen of my favorites, in no particular order:

Killing the Sixties: Abuse, Consent, #MeToo and the Pagan Community Unquestionably the most-linked and most-visited post of the year.

Crunch Time: Pagan Priorities and the Otherworld If there is a supernatural Otherworld…does it matter?

Approaching the Animal Self The beast within.

No Gods. No Masters. No Priesthood. Is Pagan clergy a good idea?

Producing Your Own Atheopagan Event Planning resources for event production.

Walking Our Talk: Modeling a Vision for the Future Living our values.

Beyond Faith. Beyond Fundamentalism. Who decides who’s in the clubhouse?

Substance Use, Background Noise, and Reenchanting the World Drugs, man.

Facing Forward: Atheopaganism and Cultural Appropriation Don’t steal. It’s rude.

Loving the World: An Atheopagan Sex Magic Primer for May Day (NSFW) Self-explanatory, innit?

Innovation versus Tradition in Paganism Ye Olde Traditions are cool. But are they necessary?

Let’s Talk Talismans I carry ’em!

A Gift from the Dying It’s coming. Be kind to your survivors, and plan.

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