Canceled: Moon Meet 2019

Unfortunately, due to lack of registration, I’m going to have to cancel the third Moon Meet gathering, which was scheduled for July.

One day, there will be enough motivation, energy and resources in the Atheopagan community for us to have in-person gatherings at other than a very local level. But it’s important to be realistic, and this particular event isn’t thriving.

Meanwhile, Atheopagan U. is a GO! We move onward!

2 thoughts on “Canceled: Moon Meet 2019

  1. Kenneth

    I’m sorry to hear about it. I know it’s hard to get a new event going and just as hard to sustain it.

    One option might be to get up a little delegation to go to PSG or one of the other big Pagan festivals. People tend to organize their own little theme camps, and over time, they can become a festival within a festival. That in turn could build a core of people who might then commit to a separate event.

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    1. Yes–I’ve been doing something similar at Pantheacon, but we don’t really have a big outdoor Pagan festival in California any longer (too much fire danger). Thanks for the suggestion!


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