An Appeal

I don’t usually flog this much–I make a mention in the Facebook group once a month or so, but that’s all–but I have a Patreon account to help support my creation and promotion of Atheopagan ideas, resources, events and art.

Patreon is a pretty cool idea, and I hope whoever invented it is getting rich from it. It is a system that allows people to become patrons of artists and creators they enjoy. They pledge a little money each month, and collectively, it adds up to significant funds for the creator. I know musicians who are reliant on their Patreon income to augment their touring and CD sales income, for example.

Currently, my Patreon is at about $380 per month. It helps–and as a result, my accountability to my patrons ensures that I put in a certain amount of time and effort on Atheopaganism each month, no matter how busy I get. And I love my patrons!

But if it were more, I could do more. People have been asking me about going to Paganicon in Minneapolis next March, and I would love to do so: to meet and see the many Midwesterner Atheopagans I’ve come to know through Facebook and Atheopaganism U., to present to a different group of Pagans than those I engage at Pantheacon each year.

I simply can’t afford to do that on my own. My wife and I life in a very expensive area in California, and she is disabled so we are a one-income household. We’re scraping by, but barely, even though I have a good job.

So here is my appeal: Would you consider a Patreon pledge of $5-25 per month to support Atheopaganism?

If twenty people pledged $10 per month, I could save enough between now and then to buy a ticket to Minneapolis for Paganicon, hotel costs, and convention registration. Whether or not the convention accepts my submissions onto the official schedule, I could still do workshops, meet-and-greets, etc., in hospitality suites.

Let me be clear: Atheopaganism is my spiritual path, and the public material I create for it on the blog is free, and always will be.

But if you can spare it, I can use the help.

Thank you for considering this request, and for being a part of Atheopaganism!




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