The Book is Here!

I am thrilled to announce that as of today, Atheopaganism: An Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science is available for order in print and e-book formats!

Atheopaganism is a handy guide to the path: the science background, the values, the Principles, the Sabbaths, crafting rituals, building a Focus, etc.

The book has global distribution and can be ordered from any independent bookseller. The ISBN numbers are 978-0-578-57198-0 for the e-book and 978-0-578-57197-3 for the print version.

Please don’t buy it from Amazon, which is a horrible company—I had no choice about having it included in their catalog. (I’m not sure where you can download the epub version other than at Amazon, however—I guess at Apple, which is another horrible company). If you can’t order from a local bookstore, please do so from Barnes & Noble.

There are so many to thank for the achievement of this milestone: Atheopaganism Patrons; my own circle of magical Pagans, Dark Sun; the many friends both in physical presence and online who have encouraged me and the project; John Halstead, who wrote the foreword; Arwen Gwyneth, who did an incredible job with the page layout; my partner Nemea and many, many more.

But here, most of all I want to thank you, reader. Without the interest in this blog and path, the book could never have come into being.

Atheopaganism went from being a personal path to one with more than 1,500 practitioners in the space of only a few short years. I see the availability of this book as a necessary and important step towards our path being both more widely visible and more accepted in Pagan and atheist circles.

I’m even starting to imagine a second book, about living the Atheopagan life!

10 thoughts on “The Book is Here!

  1. Riv

    I was able to find the epub version on Kobo Ebooks. My local bookstore has a partnership with Kobo, so I can actually buy it via my local bookstore and they get a kickback–if you have a local store you want to support, check their website and see if they have a similar option.

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  2. Hannah Read

    Really excited to read this – I’m looking forward to getting the print version if possible! Assuming it can be bought from international independent booksellers as well, or would I have to download it instead?

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  3. Bonnie

    Awesome, Mark. Quite an achievement…and good cause! When I co-authored a little short story book called pot shorts, under a pseudonym, it was self published through create space. I believe it is a subsidiary of Amazon, Amazon gives back about two dollars for every sale… If it is ordered through create space I get four dollars. Will look for yours as you suggested.

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