4 thoughts on “Hour-Long Radio Interview on Atheopaganism

  1. Wow, Mark, that’s just an incredibly eloquent interview.
    Even though the interviewer is clearly not Teri Gross, or even very well focused. You were not just articulate, but interesting, well-paced, engaging, and clear.
    I really appreciate the nuance with which you distinguish between core principles and your personal practice.
    I learned some new stuff—your description of the demographic shift in the Pagan community in the late ‘90s was new to me, and helped a lot of your criticisms make more sense.
    And just for the record, I have no memory of what might have motivated me to invite you to that festival. Divine inspiration, maybe? 😀

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  2. Kaigi-Ron

    Wonderful interview (you are a very strong, clear speaker)! Agreed: we’re all born atheist, pagans aren’t good at tempering freedom with responsibility…& there is no “get out of Death free card”…

    Just ordered your book – really looking forward to reading it!

    (I see your cemetery picnics and absinthe brewing got mentions, too!)

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    1. Hey, as a Patron I owe you a signed copy anyway! I’m planning on sending those out by the end of the month. Thanks for the kudos on the interview–I was SO happy with how it turned out.


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