Show Your Pride! Atheopagan Pendants and Products

We now have several sources for Atheopagan products. Here’s how you can buy them!

First, there is The Atheopagan Store at Zazzle, where mugs, bumper stickers, Winter Solstice cards and t-shirts can be purchased, as well as collar pins and ritual stoles for when you need that clerical look. Prices on these products are nearly at cost, and all proceeds go to the Atheopagan chosen charity for the year.

For laser-cut wooden suntree pendants, Yule ornaments and Focus symbols, visit Beautiful work at very affordable prices!

Next, there are splendid bronze and pewter suntree pendants at Meuleurgy on Etsy! Also very reasonably priced.

Finally, if you have access to a 3-D printer, there are files at Thingiverse for Atheopagan symbols and other products.


New purveyors will be added to this post as they come online. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Show Your Pride! Atheopagan Pendants and Products

  1. […] I’ve been wearing a Suntree now since last August, created by community member James Morganstern. I get compliments on it often–it’s a friendly design, apparently, and I’m not the only one to think so. You can shop for wooden and metal options for Suntree pendants as well as various other goods with Suntrees on them here. […]


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