Join Us for Atheopagan Events at the Final Pantheacon!

I am presenting at the final Pantheacon, Feb. 14-17. I hope that those of you who are also attending will join me for these Atheopagan events.

An Introduction to Atheopaganism.  Saturday at 12 PM in the Spark Collective hospitality suite, Room 247. What is the Pagan path of Atheopaganism, and how did it evolve? What are its ritual practices, ethical principles and cosmology, and why are these well-suited to people of today? Come hear this introductory talk and ask all your questions!

Nontheist Pagan Mixer. Saturday at 2 PM, Spark Collective suite room 247. Wine and snacks served. Enjoy fellowship and conversation with like-minded Pagans! Books will be available for purchase and signing at this event.

NOTE CHANGED TIME:  Roundtable Discussion: Nontheist Paganism and the Greater Community. Sunday 3:30 PM, Reisling Room. We are a part of this community! Let’s talk about our practices and experiences, and what makes us similar to and different from other Pagans. Please attend this session if you possibly can–we need Atheopagans well represented!

Ritual: Surviving Trump as a Pagan. Sunday, 9 PM in the St. Martin/St. Sebastian room. When your society has gone crazy and genuine malevolence is the order of the day, how do we sustain ourselves, our hope, and our safety as Pagans? Come get a boost in this nontheist ritual.

Spark Collective Ritual. I will also be the ritual leader of the annual Spark Collective Ritual, at 11 PM Sunday in the Cedar room. An energetic and ecstatic ritual style, the Spark ritual is upbeat, positive, juicy and FUN!


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