Growing Light, Coming Changes: Introducing THE WONDER

The days grow steadily longer, and in my area the daffodils and poppies are up and blooming now. We’ve had unseasonably (? Climate change…) warm and dry weather throughout February and it’s looking like another drought year, but for now the hills and meadows are green and the bare trees are beginning to bud.

It’s a time for planning the planting for the coming year, while nighttime frosts are still a danger…and for planning what we plant metaphorically, as well as physically.

And I am excited to announce a big plan for the coming year!

Ecologist, Atheopaganism Facebook group member, and YouTuber (The Pagan Perspective, Magic and Mundane, and the podcast Nature Guided Meditations) Arwen Gwyneth and I are collaborating on a new weekly podcast, THE WONDER, about science-based, non-theist Paganism!

THE WONDER launches on March 2, 2020. It will be available through iTunes and Google Play, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher…all the usual platforms for finding podcasts. The first few episodes feature Arwen and myself discussing topical questions, but we will expand to interviews, music and book reviews. We will announce events, promote the Atheopagan community’s annual chosen charity, and present other material of interest to non-theist Pagans

And we’re taking suggested topics and questions to discuss from you! Email us at with your questions and ideas!

The concept behind THE WONDER—named, of course, for the awe and reverence we feel as we contemplate the magnificent Universe—is that it will be an ongoing resource for non-theist Pagans to inform and inspire our practices and stimulate our thinking.

This is a long-held dream of mine, and thanks to Arwen, one being achieved ahead of schedule. My Patreon goals were originally to write an Atheopaganism book and to launch a podcast, and both of these are coming into being despite patronage not having reached the levels I set for those goals.

Arwen is a terrific partner in this, thoughtful and knowledgeable and heartfelt, and I couldn’t be happier with how it is all turning out. On March 2, I invite you to download THE WONDER to your favorite podcast app and have a listen!

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