Presenting THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism (Launches Today!)

The podcast is a reality! You can listen to or download the first episode here or through any of the major podcast distribution channels (Apple, Google Play, etc.—though it may take a few days for this first episode to propagate through the various purveyors).

Arwen and I are excited to present this work as an ongoing source for information, inspiration, ideas and support for the nontheist Pagan community particularly, but for anyone who finds it useful or entertaining. The first few episodes are conversations, but later we will do interviews, reviews, and other podcast-y stuff.

Your ideas and questions can help us! Email to thewonderpodcastqs [at] [gmail] [dot] com with suggested topics for episodes, questions you’d like for us to answer, and anything else you think would be helpful as we get the podcast up and running.

Thanks for listening!

One thought on “Presenting THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism (Launches Today!)

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