It Is Long Past Time for Women, God Damn It.

I voted for Elizabeth Warren for US President.

She was clearly the smartest, most prepared, most compassionate and sincere and—yes, I’ll say it—most progressive candidate in the race. She really gets poverty. She gets bigotry. She gets intersectionality.

She gets it.

She wasn’t perfect, and she’s made mistakes. Who hasn’t?

But Elizabeth Ann Warren is an educated, passionate, articulate, knowledgeable woman. And that, America simply could not forgive.

I am sickened.

I work in the nonprofit sector, and I have worked under a number of women. And I would characterize most of them as exceptional leaders with competency, empathy, compassion, and focus, who nonetheless had to be twice as good and twice as prepared as a man would have to be in order to get to where they had climbed.

I am ready, America. I was ready for the most qualified person in the race to win last time, and the Presidency was stolen from her by foreign meddling and Republican vote suppression.

I want more women in power. LOTS more women.

I believe it will be different.

Certainly the current sausage party in Washington—this neverending shitshow led by the most toxic male living on the planet today—cannot be made much worse.

It’s been thousands of years. Centuries since a bunch of asshole men swept into this continent slaughtering and raping and enslaving and destroying in the name of money.

It’s been long enough.

It is time for women.

It is long past time.

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