UPDATED: A Concept for Your Consideration: The Atheopagan Foundation (or something)

We have a discussion thread right now on the Atheopaganism Facebook group about “institutional religion”, and in it, I have made very clear that I don’t ever want to see Atheopaganism incorporated as a “church” or a legal religious institution. Atheopaganism is for everyone who wants it, and it is fundamentally free. It is a set of IDEAS, and religious ideas cannot be owned.

That said, I’ve been thinking for awhile that it is becoming cumbersome and perhaps somewhat inappropriate that pretty much all of the Atheopagan materials production rests with me. I’m gratified that people are finding my ideas helpful and compelling, but I’m only one person and we’ve become much bigger than that.

So I’ve had an idea, and I’d like to run it past you: The Atheopagan Foundation.

This is an effort to “thread the needle” between having no legal structure at all, which is problematic in several ways, and trying to become some kind of legally recognized religious institution, which…well, over my dead body.

Please take a look at the concept outline below and post your comments. I really want to hear from you about this! There is no rush on any of it–I wouldn’t get started on it for some months anyway. But the community’s opinion really matters to me, so let me know!

This post has also been posted as a thread in the Atheopaganism Facebook group, and I am collecting input there as well.

The Atheopagan Foundation: Concept Paper

  • A nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to support, develop resources for and promote the visibility of Atheopagan practice and practitioners. It is a religious “think tank”, NOT a church.
  • Legal status:Incorporated in CA, 501(c)3 tax status. It is NOT a membership organization and Atheopagans do not need to interact with it in any way, but can take advantage of the resources and events it produces for free or (in the case of events, books, etc.) at reasonable costs.


  • Atheopaganism.org (I would give permission to the Foundation to print my copyrighted materials)
  • Future book publications, including e-book and audio book projects
  • Events production, including possible periodic conferences
  • Grants to Atheopagan projects such as THE WONDER podcast and local gatherings, if resources are available
  • Digital newsletter (free to public, possibly quarterly)
  • Trainings/workshops in ritual skills, leadership, and naturalistic Pagan philosophy


  • Board of directors rotates membership over the years, maintaining fresh ideas and perspectives and dispersing decision making power from one person to a group
  • Contributions tax-deductible
  • Possible access to foundation grants for research, events and other activities
  • Legal protection for “Atheopaganism” as a concept
  • Possible access to more resources so we can do bigger things like conferences
  • Expenses and income offloaded from Mark Green to a separate, transparent, accountable institution


Test idea with the community.

IF there is support, then…

  • Recruit and convene working board
  • Develop Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Raise money for application fees (about $1,000), and file.

UPDATE MAY 10, 2020

This concept has evolved and gained momentum!

The response from the community has been unanimously positive; people both see the benefits and the appropriateness of making this move at this time. So I’m moving forward with it!

However, there are concerns about the name. “Foundation” doesn’t sit well with some people, seeing it as too concerned with money. There are other options, but in the draft documents I’m just using “The Atheopagan WIDGET” as a placeholder.

I’m compiling the information needed to present draft Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to a small working group, which is still in formation. Fortunately, I have very good examples available to me to crib from and adapt, so I don’t think we’re going to need to hire an attorney at all!

I have also decided to change my will so that after I and my wife Nemea are dead, copyright to my book and the contents of the blog will move to the new institution.

I am so happy and grateful for the enthusiastic reception this idea has met with, and I look forward to keeping you all in the loop as the organization takes shape!


3 thoughts on “UPDATED: A Concept for Your Consideration: The Atheopagan Foundation (or something)

  1. ferrex

    Hi Mark, I support this idea and will gladly contribute towards the application fee. What, no “Church of Atheopaganism”?  : )

    Hope you guys are well & safe——C

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

    Liked by 1 person

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