Blue-Skying Under Quarantine

We are the people of the future, and we are organizing.


So, there is going to be an Atheopagan religious nonprofit.

As the working group (composed of Atheopagan scientists, Facebook group moderators, and other key supporters) comes together to work on this, I’m trying to dream really big for what the organization can do and be.

I know a lot of what I don’t want it to be. I don’t want it to be a “church”, with a hierarchy and a doctrinaire approach to spirituality, and a rapacious thirst for money. You won’t have to “join” it to be an Atheopagan. It won’t even have a membership. Or membership dues. Or tithing*.

So I’m trying to think big about what this organization can do and be, even understanding that we aren’t likely to have tons of money to work with.

Here’s what I’ve come up with thus far:

  • Provide “clerical credential” to Atheopagans wishing to conduct weddings, etc.–for free, by registering through website and affirming support of Atheopagan Principles (sim. to Universal Life Church)
  • Copyright holder/publisher of (or possibly a new website at new domain name) and the book Atheopaganism: An Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science (I will bequeath my copyrighted works relating to Atheopaganism to the organization upon my or my wife’s death, whichever comes later)
  • Book publication, including e-book and audio book projects
  • Update and publish and/or provide for download resources such as the Ritual Primer, Hymnal, an “Atheopagan starter kit”, activities for kids and families, etc.
  • Opinion papers on social issues relevant to Atheopagan values and Principles
  • Events production, including possible periodic conferences (live or virtual)
  • Grants to/sponsorship of Atheopagan projects and local gatherings, if resources are available
  • Digital newsletter (free to public, possibly quarterly or once per Sabbath, sent to email list gathered from clergy registrations (opt-out on request, of course))
  • Trainings/workshops in ritual skills, leadership, and naturalistic Pagan cosmology/values (either live and “approved) by org or done by org directly online)
  • Atheopaganism U. would move to the org as a core survey course (I would take a part of the tuition as the instructor,  but leave the rest with the org)

There is SO much more that could grow out of this. I hope to present to local UU congregations about Atheopaganism over the next year (virtually or in person) to spread the word; one day, who knows?

We who embrace the spirituality of reality are growing. There are more of us than ever before. We know that kindness, and decency, and welcoming, and respect, and loving the good green Earth are the way forward for humanity.

We are the people of the future, and we are organizing.


*But it will have to fundraise to do its work. It will have Internet fees like hosting and MailChimp, insurance, publication costs, etc. as minimal expenses, and if it has more resources it will be able to do more. Presumably, there are members of the community who won’t mind throwing in some cash occasionally to support its activities.

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