Funding the Startup of The Atheopagan Society (with updates)

Thanks to all our generous donors!

Here it is, folks! We’re getting close to being ready to file for legal and nonprofit status for The Atheopagan Society, and need to raise the money to pay the fees.

All donors (except those who wish to be anonymous) will be listed on the Society website as Patrons. The books of The Society will always be open to the community, showing where money has been spent.

To be transparent: this money will flow through me, as we can’t get a bank account for it until it is legally recognized. But I will retain thorough records of its expenditures and income, and transfer these to the Society when it has its own books.

Your support will make the Society a reality!

Please help with what you can:

Thank you!

EDIT: The goal for this campaign is $1,300, which will pay the state and federal fees for incorporation, a federal EIN and the application for tax exempt status. But if we exceed the goal, that money will be applied to additional expenses such as web hosting, a Zoom account, etc.

UPDATE 5:30 PM: We have reached 50% of our goal!

UPDATE MAY 29: We are over $800, and have less than $500 to go!

UPDATE MAY 30: We have only $175 left to go! Thank you, everyone!

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