GUEST POST: An Atheopagan Example (starring: Hekate!)

by Kaigi-Ron

Why did I choose Hekate?  Because she controls liminal space – including the thin line between Life and Death.  I was so deeply depressed, I felt doomed to die – so I wanted to cut a deal with her: If I die, please do what you can to prevent me from suffering too much on the way out.

The one Atheopagan Principle I’ve generally been weak on is #6 (“PRAXIS: I enact regular ritual as a part of my practice”).  But this ritual actually helped save my life.  So, for those on the fence as to whether or not it’s worth it to do ritual, I say:  At least do it when it really counts.  You will definitely feel the difference, and it will make you stronger.

Atheopaganism is not a spectator sport: You have to participate, engage, interact – and Do Shit.

Let’s remember principle 6: I enact regular ritual.

So today I went out – to a local 3-way intersection in a place under a tree, at sunset and I buried a dog.

Now, before you start getting all het up, hear me out:  It was a ritual offering, made of black Fimo. Painted on its side was a message to Hekate

A little stylized jackal & old Greek font in gold ink (classy; this is a Goddess, after all)

I whispered to the Dog to carry my message to his mistress when he got to the Other Sideand after I’d buried it, I poured a little red wine on the grave and made a brief prayer to Hekate

And I felt So Much Better than I had even a week earlier!…and it doesn’t matter what these acts cause in this physical realm (I’m guessing that effect = zero), what matters is what changes inside your own head…

This feeling of Control and Certainty in these crazy-assed AnXiEtY TiMeS!

It makes you feel like You can handle it – and you truly are experiencing a measurable change in your brain, which gives you a very real competitive advantage!

Also:  These acts invoke the Commitment Principle (Robert Cialdini – Influence), which actually does – in a scientifically confirmed manner – make you more likely to follow through on your intentions, and therefore makes you more likely to be successful.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Use of the myths and symbols of deities is practiced by some Atheopagans, understanding them as psychological archetypes, rather than literal beings]

2 thoughts on “GUEST POST: An Atheopagan Example (starring: Hekate!)

  1. And as a person who is pretty relaxed about whether deities are real or not, my take on this is, either the ritual works to make you feel better in your own head, or there’s actual woo happening— but it doesn’t really matter.

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