That’s right, we need your help!

Atheopaganism is growing, and our activities are growing, too. We need some volunteers to help lighten the load.

I’m so happy to report that we have teams working on an in-person gathering for Atheopagans, to be held in the Denver, Colorado, US area in 2022, and on a new, regular video posting schedule for the YouTube channel.

What we need are:

  • EVENTS TEAM. Folks willing to join the APCon (event) team and help with organizing our planned in-person gathering in 2022. Estimated time commitment: perhaps 3 hours per month (less to start). Contact atheopagan@comcast.net
  • YOUTUBE TEAM. 4 or 5 people willing to join the YouTube Channel team and create short videos once or twice per month. Details are posted in this file.
  • GUEST BLOGGERS. Writers of pieces of 500-1500 words in length. Subjects can be as simple as “My Journey to Atheopaganism”, or about your practice, your Focus, or your particular take on a Principle, Pillar, or pertinent topic. Submit in MS Word format to atheopagan@comcast.net

All of these volunteer roles will help a LOT in expanding the offerings we can provide to our fellow Atheopagans and to raising the visibility of Atheopaganism to the broader community.

If you’re already serving in a volunteer capacity, THANK YOU! You’re help means the world to me.

If not, THANK YOU for considering helping out!

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