Happy Harvest 2021!

Today is the Equinox, when day and night are (within a few minutes, depending on latitude) equal in length. It is the Atheopagan Sabbath of Harvest (or High Spring, in the southern hemisphere), and a time for feasting with loved ones.

With the pandemic, of course, this is challenging unless all of you are vaccinated and have been safe. But I hope that you will find time today to celebrate the abundance the world pours out for us, as well as the elderly folk in your life, as Harvest time is the metaphorical point in the wheel of the year equivalent to old age.

That’s how my wheel of the year works, anyway. Yours may vary widely! But in any case and wherever you live, I wish you the generosity of the season and a very happy turn of the wheel.

One thought on “Happy Harvest 2021!

  1. Gretchen Santa Rosa

    Thank you Mark. There are walnuts all over the tree out front and the squirrels are getting fat. It’s fun to watch them eating and dropping bits of walnut shell down on the yard. It’s a sunny warm day with a slight breeze. Blesséd be.

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