It’s been awhile since I mentioned our podcast, THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism, hosted by Yucca and myself. We’ve been publishing for about 20 months now, and I hope you will check us out!

For your convenience, here are links to the episodes published to date. Enjoy!

Interview: Sedna Woo – Atheist Witchcraft

Autumn Crafts and Goodies

Beyond Misanthropy

The Fall Equinox


Nature Based Paganism?

Confronting Our Demons

Re-Enchantment of Life

The Body

Summer’s Waning – Dimming – Lammas – Lughnasadh

Creating Sacred Space

The Final Four Principles

Relationships – Part One

Herbs, Plants, and Paganism

Summer Solstice/Midsummer

Perspective, Praxis, Inclusiveness, Legacy, and Responsibility


Pay Attention!

The First Four Principles

Relating to Food

The Four Sacred Pillars

Beltane/May Day

Families – SHEESH!

Personal Growth

The Equinox

Science and Paganism

Ritual Redux

Crafting and Paganism

Manifestation and Creating Our Own Reality

The Inner Critic

Brightening (Imbolc)

Celebration, Hope, and Uncertainty


Food, Paganism, Science and Recipes

New Years, New Beginnings

Divination and the Witchy Aesthetic

The Winter Solstice

The Darkness

Flavors of Paganism


Self and Community Care

Books (Interview with Robin C.)




Grieving the Big Issues in the Season of Samhain

No Episode This Week

Playfulness and The Senses in Ritual

The Equinox

Blurring The Lines

Self Care

Problem Solving With Ritual

Solitary Practice

Journeying Inwards

How to Live Your Paganism


Rites of Passage


Interview with Jon Cleland Host – Naturalistic Paganism

Summer Solstice


Politics and Paganism

Where is Nontheist Paganism Going?

What is Magic?

Creating and Rekindling Practice

Let’s Talk About Sex

It’s Beltane!

Building Community


The Future: Visions for Humanity

Pagan Values

Love in the Time of the Coronavirus

The Spring Equinox


Welcome to The Wonder

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