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To make it easier to see exactly what all the content on the site is about, here is an index of everything that has been published here, in publication order, with live links for easy access.

A Quick Navigation Guide to the Site

An Atheopagan Prayer

An Atheopagan Rosary

Now Writing for the Humanistic Paganism blog

An Atheopagan Life: Observances Around the Year (September/October)

An Atheopagan Ritual Primer

An Atheopagan Hymnal

The 13 Atheopagan Principles

Atheopagan “advent” calendar–a fun project for the holidays

Is There an Atheopagan Original Sin?

The Conversation: How I Talk About My Religion

An Atheopagan Life: Observances for November and December

MULLED WINE–a Poem for the Yule Season

When Is a Religion For?

The Time of Hunkering Down


The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 1—Skepticism

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 2—Honoring the Earth

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 3—Gratitude

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 4—Humility

The God Mask—A Ritual Technique

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 5—Humor

The Focus

An Atheopagan Life: Celebrating Riverain, and Adapting the Wheel of the Year

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 6—Praxis

Reality, Language and the Inner World

Why an Acorn?

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 7—Inclusion

The Atheopagan Principles (Interregnum): Why Principles? Also, The Mystery Principle.

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 8—Legacy

Three Percent: a Riverain Blessing

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 9—Social Responsibility

Come See Us at Pantheacon!

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 10—Sensual Responsibility

I Couldn’t Say It Better

Engaging the Work: My Next Frontier

Report: Atheopagans at Pantheacon 2015

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 11—Curiosity

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 12—Integrity

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 13—Kindness and Compassion

The Spring Fast

Atheopagan Ritual: Arrival

Atheopagan Ritual: Denatured? Some Notes.

Atheopagan Ritual: Invoking Qualities and Intentions

Ritual for Atheists: a Note of Encouragement

Atheopagan Ritual: Deep Play

Atheopagan Ritual: Gratitude and Benediction

Divinity vs. the Sacred

Music for Atheopagan Ritual Use

The Four Sacred Things

Practices: Atheopaganism at Home

The Jewel—A Solitary Ritual

Priest/esshood, Leadership and Atheopaganism

The Pagan World is Different (Adult)

Atheopagan Ritual “Witchery”

The Ritual Mask—A Project

Recipes for Sabbath Feasts

On Pagan Institutions and Representation

Some Great Ideas for High Spring (Ostara)

An Atheopagan Life: High Spring and the Renewal of the World

Reflections on Year One: Atheopaganism as Forward-Looking Religion

Why Pagan Temples? A Not-Very-Good Reason

Eggs and Sprouts

Okay, So You’re an Atheist. Now What?

Atheopaganism and the Mystical Experience

But I’m Lonely! Finding Fellow Atheopagans

A Subtle Art, the Medium of Which is Emotion

Atheopaganism and the Broader Pagan Community

A Sticky, Sweaty, Complicated Mess (That Nearly Everyone Wants)

What Atheopaganism Won’t Do for You

Midsummer: The Sabbath of Ease

The Truest Safety Net

Atheopaganism and Learning to Love

The Religion That Dares Not Speak Its Name

Pantheism, Archetype, and Deities in Ritual, Pt. 1, by Shauna Aura Knight

Pantheism, Archetype, and Deities in Ritual, Pt. 3, by Shauna Aura Knight

Humans are Fallible. That Includes Theists.

Castles in the Air

Returning to a Space of Our Own

In the Season of Fire

Harvest of Ashes: A Shadow Sabbath

We Die.

The Powers of an Atheopagan

No, the Blood of the Ancients Does Not Run Through Our Veins

They’re Not My Elders


What Will Be the Paganism of the Future?

The Dusty Altar

A Winter Spell

It Starts With Just One Thing

Mulled Wine

The Avalanche—A Poem for January

The Sabbath of Water

What’s the Point?

Just Do It

Magic Words

Ancestors: A Conundrum

Shame, Trust, Safety and the Freedom to Make Magic

Pleasure as a Sacred Experience

Intuitive Understanding and “Divination’

Making Peace with “Energy”

Thank you

Considering the Moon

Ritual Technologies: Sing!

In the Time of Gathering Shadows

Atheopaganism Alone

Encountering Your Personal Atheopaganism

Building Atheopagan Community

Ritual Technologies: Light and Beauty

Values and Self-Development in a World Without Gods

Developing a Focus

Ritual Technologies: Scent

Ritual Technologies: Rhythm

The Fire Circle: An Ecumenical Ritual Tradition

Ritual Technologies: Movement

Coming Home to Atheopaganism

Summer’s End

Some Language I’m Not Going to Use any Longer: An Apology

The Sacred Body

Accountability: A Missing Pagan Piece?

Storytelling and the Mythic Landscape

My Favorite Ritual Tool

Crickets, Time and Paying Attention

Guest Blog: The Sacred Profane by Chloé Thorne

Is Atheopaganism Political?

Mythology: The Guardian Trees

A No-Bullshit Religion

INPUT PLEASE! Planning for Moon Meet, an Atheopagan Gathering in Summer 2017

Looking Forward

The Beauty of Home

Harvest 2016

A Pagan Opportunity to Reflect

MOON MEET 2017: An Atheopagan Gathering

Atheopaganism at Pantheacon 2017

On the Edge of Darkness: Hallows Reflections 2016

It’s On Us Now

Living in Dark Days

Yule: the Light in the Darkness

In the Bleak Midwinter

Godless Paganism declared “The Pagan Book of the Year!”

The Wheel Turns

Care and Feeding of the Atheopagan Activist

Reflections on a Rainy Day

Why Ritual?

Green Shoots

Pantheacon 2017 and a Growing Community

Between Worlds


Children in Circle

MOON MEET: Call for workshop proposals

Real Magic

Embracing Joy in Dark Days

On Mirth

In the Season of Sex

Protip for Straight Pagan Men

Real! Live! Atheopagans! (Details on Moon Meet)

Once Upon a Time in the Eighties

Why is Naturalism Radical?

May Morning


Atheopaganism and the Future

What’s Wrong With Joy? A Rant.

On Becoming An Atheopagan

Community Doesn’t Just Build Itself

What About Those Who Insist Their Gods Are Real? A Policy Statement

Hail, the Magnificent Sun!

A Dawn Prayer

Happiness, Ecstasy, and Threading the Needle

Visions of the Future

Potok and the Hundred-Thousand Year Fire—A Campfire Tale


A Ritual of Ease for Midsummer

Four Days Left! Register for Moon Meet at Discounted Price!

On Freedom

There is a Way

Summer’s End, New Beginnings

MOON MEET: A Weekend with Atheopagan Friends

Miracles of Reality: Reflections on the Impending Solar Eclipse

A Reflection on Moon Meet

A Reading List for Atheopagans

When the World Feels Icky

Let’s Talk Harvest!

What If It Really Is the End of the World?

Fire Makes All the Difference

Balance at the Fulcrum of the Year

Why Naturalism? Because This.


Turns Out, I’ve Been Living in an Atheopagan Focus

Dark Hallows

The Elemental Enemy

After the Fire

Why Atheopagan Principles?

What Makes a Ritual “Successful”?

Giving Voice: Public Speaking as a Core Ritual Skill

What’s This Atheopaganism About, Exactly?

Do Not Ever Let

The Yule Log—A Winter Solstice Ritual

What Shall We Give for Yule?

Yule Offering #1: Stillness

Yule Offering #2: Courage

Yule Offering #3: Love

“Harm None” Ain’t Good Enough: A Call to Action

The Cauldron of Hope: A New Year’s Eve Ritual

My Five Favorite Posts of 2017

Introducing SLOGG: The Winter Demi-Sabbath

Crunch Time: Pagan Priorities and the Otherworld

Approaching the Animal Self

Killing the Sixties: Abuse, Consent, #MeToo and the Pagan Community

No Gods. No Masters. No Priesthood.

The Ritual Cycle of the Rain Baby: An Example

We Are All Connected: On Atheopagan Counseling

Announcing the Atheopaganism Patreon Campaign!

In Memorium: Ursula K. Le Guin, Cultural Radical and Deep Humanist

Come Join Us at Pantheacon!

The Rise of an Atheopagan

Children of the Earth Tribe, WAKE UP

On the Other Hand…(A Love Letter)

Unpopular Ideas

Woodland Dreaming: Missing Ancient Ways

Journeying in the Inner Landscape

Producing Your Own Atheopagan Event

Journeying in the Inner Landscape

Five Great Reasons to Be an Atheopagan

High Spring: Themes, Resources and Ideas

Walking Our Talk: Modeling a Vision for the Future

Sifting for Gold

Beyond Faith. Beyond Fundamentalism.

The Miracle of Dirt

Sigils: Barcodes for your Brain


Toward Atheopagan Mysteries

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Moon Meet 2018—A Gathering of Atheopagans and Friends

Substance Use, Background Noise, and Reenchanting the World

Facing Forward: Atheopaganism and Cultural Appropriation

How’s that Maypole Thing Work?

Loving the World: An Atheopagan Sex Magic Primer for May Day (NSFW)

A Still and Sacred Moment

What Are We Doing Here?

Call for Workshops! Moon Meet 2018

“Familiar Spirits”


Does Truth Matter?

Ritual “Special Effects”

An Atheopagan Table of Correspondences

The Sun Broom—A Ritual Tool

Why I Don’t Write Ritual Scripts

“I Don’t Get It.”

The Pitfall of Consumer Paganism

Announcing a Contest! Inviting Designs for an Atheopagan Symbol!

Requiem and Invocation

Rituals Are Important. But They Aren’t Activism.

Pilgrimage Hiking

In a Dream of Incense and Candlelight

Mysterious Impulses

Atheopagan Symbol Contest

What is There to Live for?

New Thoughts on the “Arrival” Phase of Atheopagan Ritual

Atheopagan Symbol Contest: Round 2

Mythology: Salmon’s Revenge

Audio: Salmon’s Revenge

Creating Your Own Wheel of the Year

Mythology: Why Tarweed was a Good Idea

Audio: Why Tarweed was a Good Idea

A Quick Navigation Guide to the Site

Seize the (Unusual) Day!

Moon Meet: Free or Discounted Tix!

In Memorium: Morwen Two Feathers

FINAL ROUND: Atheopagan Symbol Contest

Atheopagan Rites of Passage

Ave Fortuna!

Innovation Versus Tradition in Paganism

Ritual Practice of an Hellenic Atheopagan

My Pagan Purple Heart

THE WINNER! Your New Atheopagan Symbol

One-Handed Ponderings and Updates

A Gift to the Community

Let’s Talk Talismans!

More Community Art!


Naturalism, Monism, and the Philosophy of Atheopaganism

Moon Meet 2018—Some Lessons

What If We Are Screwed?

A Reflection at Dusk

A Virtual Hug

The Earth is Still the Earth

Join Us for a Harvest Celebration!

Keeping a Practice Going

Rites of Passage #1: Naming Ceremonies

Rites of Passage #2: Into Adulthood

Rites of Passage #3: Handfastings and Dissolutions

Rites of Passage #4: Elderhood

Rites of Passage #5: Memorials

Presenting Ourselves to the World

A Warm, Relaxed Gathering for Harvest

Themes for Atheopagan “Welcoming” Gatherings

Starting Fresh: Imagining a New Paganism

Talking to Kids about the Cycle of Seasons

Paganism, Gothic Aesthetic, and the Sensibility of Darkness: An Observation

A Gift from the Dying

Ritual Tools I Find Useful


Visions of the Crash

A Deep and Meaningful Hallows to You!

A Reminder: Atheopaganism Has a Patreon!

I’m Off to See the Atheists!

If You’re a US Citizen, PLEASE VOTE!

Atheopaganism is Not Just a Religious/Spiritual Path. It’s a Movement.

Reflections on the FFRF Conference 2018

Inclusiveness Starts with Your Ideas

SF Bay Atheopagans: Join Us on Dec. 9!

Our Story Thus Far

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for the Atheopagan Blog

Forging Paths of Integrity

Let Us Give Thanks

Happy Wolfenoot!

Yuletide: A Compendium

Noble Ancestors

Effective Atheopagan Leadership: A Curriculum

GUEST POST: When in Rome: My Road to Roman Atheopaganism

Winter Monsters

Candle Rituals

Starting a Practice, Creating Rituals

In the Cold Midwinter

The New Ones

Favorite Atheopaganism Posts of 2018

Closing the Door with Gratitude

The State of the Path: Atheopaganism in 2019

A Community Project: Choosing a Charitable Cause for Atheopagan Support

Talking Paganism in the Mainstream

Atheopagan Events at Pantheacon 2019

Raineth Drop and Staineth Slop

CALL FOR NOMINEES: Atheopagan Charitable Cause 2019

In Memorium: Mary Oliver

Atheopaganism: An Introduction

Contemplating a Red Moon

Mainstreaming, Pt. 2

The Moment of Brightening

Approaching Pantheacon

Your 2019 Community Chosen Charity: PLASTIC OCEANS INTERNATIONAL

Abuse, the Pagan Community, and Our Commitments

FACING FORWARD: A talk on nontheist Paganism

Reflections on Pantheacon 2019


Welcome Home

Take a Moment: A Meditation

The Sabbath of Innocence

Shadow and Light

Happy High Spring!

Toward a Culture of Happiness


In Which I Have Nothing of Value to Say

May Celebrations That Aren’t About Sex

Register now for MOON MEET 2019!

There is No Resurrection

The Atheopagan Suntree and Its Meanings

Being Rooted and Transcending the Overculture

The Atheopagan Way, and What It Isn’t

Walpurgisnacht and the Veil of Memory

Towards a Spirituality of Responsibility

Living in a Sacred World

Join Us for “Atheopaganism U.”!

The Magic of a World Without Magic

Canceled: Moon Meet 2019



On a Foggy Summer Morning

A Solar Reflection


Patriotism and Ritual Cleansing

The Problem of Suffering

Raising Children as an Atheopagan

In Summer Heat

Ritual Hygiene: Preparation and Recovery

Summer’s End—The Sabbath of Work

Atheopagan Practice and Mental Illness

An Appreciation

UNFROZEN: A Ritual for Getting Unstuck

An Appeal

This Is a Way of Life. You Can Ritually Commit to It.

Now Registering! Atheopaganism U.

At Last, There is Going to be a Book!

Opening to Subtle Changes

Citizens’ Climate Lobby launches Earth-based Spirituality Action Team

Finding Balance in a Sea of Chaos

The Big Questions

The Book is Here!


Hour-Long Radio Interview on Atheopaganism

Things End

With Both Hands in Grave Dirt

At the Mercy of the Elements

LORE DAY: A New Sabbath for the Hallows Season

Atheopagan “Saints”

An Atheopagan Tarot Spread

Atheopaganism for Solitaries

The Point of Friction

The Pagan Community in Transition

More on Community Transition

The Secrets

The Secrets, Pt. II: Ritual and Observance

Happy Solstice!

Show Your Pride! Atheopagan Pendants and Products

Old Ways, New Days

Ten Favorite Posts from 2019

I’m Gonna Go There: A Rant.

Soapbox On Loan! Call for Submissions

Join Us for Atheopagan Events at the Final Pantheacon!

Midsummer Dawn: A Regional Pagan Event

The February Sabbath

The Long Game

This Is a Prayer for Imbolc. This Is a Prayer for Resistance. (Reblogged post)

Mostly Russian River

Growth is Change

Atheopaganism on the Placebo Magic Podcast!

The Last Pantheacon, and What’s Next

Growing Light, Coming Changes: Introducing THE WONDER

It Is Long Past Time for Women, God Damn It.

Love in the Time of the Coronavirus

Is This The Time to Work on Your Spirituality?

GUEST POST: A Naturalist’s Shrine

CANCELED: Midsummer Dawn event

On Authenticity

REBLOGGED: Paganism in the time of coronavirus – part 3: Virtual rituals

Beyond the Walls: Reflections

Earth Day, and Happy Silence

A Walpurgisnacht/May Day Vigil Ritual Menu

Two Thousand and Counting

UPDATED: A Concept for Your Consideration: The Atheopagan Foundation (or something)

Blue-Skying Under Quarantine

UPDATE: The Atheopagan Society. Also, Please Stay Home

What if..?

Why the Doomsters are Completely Wrong

Funding the Startup of The Atheopagan Society (with updates)

The Doomsaying Simply Isn’t Helping: More on My Exchange with John Halstead

In Which Straw Men Get Punched: More on Halstead/Green

Because I Cannot Be Silent

Ritual and Self-Care for Protesters

Midsummer 2020

Confessions of an Obligate Psychonaut

Guest Post: By Helping Your Community, You’re Helping the World

That Shameful Secret

Guest Post: An Atheopagan Example (Starring: Hekate!)

Settling for the Awesome Universe

Time + Tenacity = Hope

Introducing the Atheopaganism App

Paganism and Transgression: Some Questions

Um…Wanna Get Ordained?


Here Come the Atheopagans!

The Reality Settles In


On Appeasing Gods

GUEST POST: Seeds of Hope

Invitation to the Sacred Fire

The Atheopagan Calendar of Moons–an Optional Additional Set of Observances

In Memoriam: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Guest Post: An Atheist’s Spirituality, by Gwendolyn

A Deeper Look into Atheopagan Moon Observances

Please vote! Atheopaganism nominated for a Witchie!

An Underworld Focus

GUEST RITUAL: Annual Lascaux Cave Rediscovery Celebration

Presenting the Atheopagan cleric Introductory Guidebook

In Memoriam: James Randi

Death, the Creator

A Sad Reckoning

A Mood

Soil and Sky

Meet the Atheopagan Society Council

Holy Days

Rituals in Quarantine

Yule: the Big Picture


The Unthinkable

Coming Up Dry For the Festival of Water


Why Paganism Hasn’t Failed…Yet

Post Five Hundred: Thank You

AtheopaganCon: An Aspiration

High Spring: An Equinox Compendium

Doing the Work

Equanamity, Balance and the Equinox

Joy Hunt

Yuri’s Triumph

In the Silken Air

Please Join Us for Zoom Events!

Bring Me That Horizon

Some Ritual Etiquette

The Unavoidable Bargain

Deep Paganism


Ways You Can Help

GUEST POST: Relating to Silk Moths and Dying Stars

GUEST POST: Just Talk to Each Other (About Sex)

When Life is Hard

Confronting Our Demons: A guide to Atheopagan “demonology”

Summer’s Waning

Meanwhile, Down South…

Riffs on a Meme: Enchanting the Mundane

GUEST POST: Playing With the Senses During Ritual

On Spiritual Burnout and Bypassing

Into the Season of Harvest

On Pagan Misanthropy

Yule Metheglin Recipe

Happy Harvest 2021!

Autumn: The Drawing Down

The Deep Secret of Emergent Complexity


Imagining Ancestors

Hallows 2021

Murderous Holidays

The Sacred Rite of Composting

You Have Permission to be Witchy

If You Give Gifts at this Time of Year…

Approaching Sixty

My Top Ten from 2021

Reciprocity vs. the Overculture

Protected: Draft Community Conduct Standards and Harassment Policies

Announcing the Programming for SUNTREE RETREAT 2022!

Announcing the Atheopagan Library

Forming Atheopagan Affinity Groups

Building Community, Core Values and Leadership

Imagining a Brand-New, Cringe-Free Paganism

Towards a Daily Spiritual Practice

Atheopaganism: A Path of Reverence, Celebration and Service

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