One-Handed Ponderings and Updates

It’s been more than a week since I broke my arm, and as a result, my writing has slowed to a crawl. Between pain, ongoing hassles with trying to arrange medical care, and the simple inconvenience of typing one-handed, this is no longer the easy medium it has always been for me.

I’ve done a proof-of-concept video on the Atheopagan YouTube channel and I will try to keep updates coming there. But one thing about having only one arm is that simple dressing and grooming become very challenging, and I’d rather not vid myself while looking like a pale naked Swamp Thing. So we’ll see.

I have spoken with an Atheopaganism Facebook member who has a laser cutting business and asked for a quote on pendants with the new Atheopagan symbol. When I hear from him I will offer these at cost to the community. He can also do larger disks for your Focus.

I have integrated the new symbol into all Atheopagan documents and online locations, retiring the old acorn design. No point in confusing people with muddled branding.

The new Zazzle store has various things with the new symbol. I have purchased a lapel pin for those occasions when I am called upon to serve as “clergy”.

Attendee packets for Moon Meet have gone out–I’m really hoping we can pull in a few more attendees, so if you’d like to go, please contact me. Heavily discounted tix available due to a generous contribution!

In short, despite the busted wing I am doing what I can to move the business of the Atheopagan community forward and offer up stuff for you all to think about, explore and enjoy.

Much gratitude to all who have offered sympathy and support in the wake of The July From Hell. More soon!


THE WINNER! Your New Atheopagan Symbol

We gotta winner!

We went through an extensive process and considered many possibilities, but in the end this symbol was the overwhelming favorite in the final round of voting to select an Atheopagan symbol. Congratulations to Linden Weaver and Rua Lupa for the concept and the finalization of this beautiful design!

Now, nothing can please everyone. I’m sure there is some disappointment out there (my proposals, for the record, washed out before the final round of voting). Many of the designs were really good and I’m grateful to all of those who submitted them. As with everything in Atheopaganism, remember that if you don’t like this symbol, you are free just not to use it.

That said, I’m going to start using it in documents and in the gear purchasable at the Zazzle store, and working with one of our community members, I hope soon to point you to an affordable source for neck pendants and Focus patens (large symbol disks).

To me, this symbol points to the two great realities of life on Earth: the Earth and biosphere (the growing tree) and the Sun and Cosmos (the Sun). And between the eight rays of the Sun and the five branches of the tree, we have thirteen: the number of the Atheopagan Principles.

These are what we revere and celebrate in Atheopaganism, and in this simple but elegant symbol, we can express that love to the world. It is a hopeful and positive symbol and one I hope we can be proud of for many years to come.

THANK YOU to all of you for your proposals, input and votes, and congratulations on a successful community process!


My Pagan Purple Heart

I’m afraid that unless I find a voice-dictation solution soon, posts to this site are going to slow for awhile.

I was helping to set up the ritual fire circle at Ignite last Thursday, and I fell from the back of a large pickup truck, belly-flopping onto the road with my left arm underneath me.

It swelled instantly, but we (the onsite nurse and I) concluded it was a bad sprain, wrapped it, and I started a regimen of icing and NSAIDs. The pain was pretty serious, but manageable, and I went on to have powerful, beautiful experiences at the three all-night fire circles that followed.

On Monday, after my return, I went to urgent care.

Turns out, I have a bad break of my radius, and I will need surgery. I have been referred to a hand specialist.

I’m not sorry I stayed at Ignite. I really needed the love and transformation to be found in the fire circle and its community. But now, I have to contend with the aftermath, and part of that is that my writing is reduced to one-handed hunt-and-peck. It’s slow, and tiring.

I’ll be back up to speed as quickly as I can.