Atheopaganism has really taken off in the past few years! Our web traffic is up, our Facebook group now approaches 4,000 members, we have established a nonprofit religious organization, and we’re engaged in the broader online conversation of the Pagan community to a significant degree.

This is exciting!

It’s also quite a bit of work. Atheopaganism takes up a significant percentage of my life’s bandwidth.

Accordingly, I have  a Patreon fundraising campaign to ensure that Atheopaganism gets the attention and time it needs, and new events and resources are regularly organized and provided for Atheopagans.

Patreon, if you don’t know, is a way you can subscribe to a creative person’s efforts by making a monthly financial pledge. Even small amounts add up; if everyone on the Facebook group sponsored at $2/month, I could work full-time on developing Atheopagan events, materials, atheology, rituals, and producing rituals at events elsewhere in the country and/or internationally!

Let me be clear: the materials and public posts at the blog will always be free. This IS a labor of love and I am committed to supporting ALL Atheopagans and non-theist Pagans of every stripe in their paths.

That said, sponsor support will really, really help me. And as I reach fundraising goals so I know I have dependable income from working on Atheopagan efforts, I will be able to add new dimensions to what I can provide, just like the additions of the podcast series (“THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism”) and the Atheopaganism book, Atheopaganism: An Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science*.

Your investment will ensure that I can continue to promote our interests and ideas, develop materials and thought and events for us, and expand into new media with our vision and philosophy.

You can access the Atheopaganism Patreon page here, complete with the reward levels and goals. If, instead of a monthly pledge, you would like to give a one-time contribution, you can do so by clicking here to give through PayPal.

Thank you for considering becoming a Patron of Atheopaganism. I really appreciate anything you can contribute to help our movement keep growing and going.

—Mark Green

*Now available! Published in 2019. A second book on living the Atheopagan life is in progress.