A Quick Navigation Guide to the Site

There is now a lot of material on Atheopaganism on this site! Here are some pointers for finding the information and resources you may be seeking.

The founding essay describing how I came to arrive at and envision the naturalistic Pagan path of Atheopaganism is here. A video introduction to Atheopaganism is here.

The Resources page contains links to a wide range of useful materials such as the essay, the Atheopagan Ritual Primer, an event planning guide, an Atheopagan “hymnal” of songs and poems, a page of Sabbath recipes, a printable one-sheet of the Atheopagan Principles, a recommended reading list, and other useful material.

The post on starting your Atheopagan practice and planning rituals is a great place for newcomers to get started.

The post on creating your own “Wheel of the Year” of holidays contains links to posts on each of the eight Atheopagan Sabbaths and to activities and rituals for many of them.

The post series on Ritual Techniques, Technologies and Core Skills is here.

The post series on each of the Atheopagan Principles is here.

The post series on living an Atheopagan life is here.

The post series on Atheopagan Rites of Passage is here. A downloadable Atheopagan handfasting certificate is here.

Seasonal invocations and poems are found under the poetry and liturgy tags. The tag cloud at the right of each page is a useful way of finding posts by topic.

Finally, the Index of Posts page has a link to every post on the site. Scroll through them and look for what may be interesting.

Elsewhere on the web:

The Facebook group is an ongoing place for discussion and posting of interesting articles by a growing community of Atheopagans and interested friends. All new posts to the website are also posted to the Facebook group.

The YouTube channel contains both original and “liked” videos which may be of interest to Atheopagans. Audio files (found under Podcasts) are also posted there.

The Atheopagan Twitter feed @atheopaganism is a source for the latest blog posts, interesting science, and important news.

There is an Atheopaganism Goodreads page with recommended reading.

The Atheopagan Zazzle Store is a source for mugs, tee shirts, caps, buttons, lapel pins, bumper stickers and greeting cards.

Welcome to the site, and enjoy!

Fifty Posts—an Index

We now have a grand total of 50 posts on the Atheopagan site, and that means that some topics that newcomers might be curious about may already have been addressed.

To make it easier to see exactly what all the content on the site is about, here is an index of everything that has been published here thus far, in publication order, with live links for easy access.

An Atheopagan Prayer

An Atheopagan Rosary

Now Writing for the Humanistic Paganism blog

An Atheopagan Life: Observances Around the Year (September/October)

An Atheopagan Ritual Primer

An Atheopagan Hymnal

The 13 Atheopagan Principles

Atheopagan “advent” calendar–a fun project for the holidays

Is There an Atheopagan Original Sin?

The Conversation: How I Talk About My Religion

An Atheopagan Life: Observances for November and December

MULLED WINE–a Poem for the Yule Season

When Is a Religion For?

The Time of Hunkering Down


The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 1—Skepticism

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 2—Honoring the Earth

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 3—Gratitude

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 4—Humility

The God Mask—A Ritual Technique

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 5—Humor

The Focus

An Atheopagan Life: Celebrating Riverain, and Adapting the Wheel of the Year

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 6—Praxis

Reality, Language and the Inner World

Why an Acorn?

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 7—Tolerance

The Atheopagan Principles (Interregnum): Why Principles? Also, The Mystery Principle.

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 8—Legacy

Three Percent: a Riverain Blessing

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 9—Social Responsibility

Come See Us at Pantheacon!

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 10—Sensual Responsibility

I Couldn’t Say It Better

Engaging the Work: My Next Frontier

Report: Atheopagans at Pantheacon 2015

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 11—Curiosity

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 12—Integrity

The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 13—Kindness and Compassion

The Spring Fast

Atheopagan Ritual: Arrival

Atheopagan Ritual: Denatured? Some Notes.

Atheopagan Ritual: Invoking Qualities and Intentions

Ritual for Atheists: a Note of Encouragement

Atheopagan Ritual: Deep Play

Atheopagan Ritual: Gratitude and Benediction

Divinity vs. the Sacred

Music for Atheopagan Ritual Use

The Four Sacred Things

Practices: Atheopaganism at Home