A Sad Reckoning

I had hoped that the American Presidential election would be a repudiation of Donald Trump and the divisive, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, fascistic nightmare of Trumpism.

That hope was not realized. While Joe Biden–a decent man who I think will be a good though not transformative President–will eke out a victory, nearly 50% of the country voted for Trump even after watching four years of his antics and destructive policies.

I could not be more disappointed…unless Trump had actually won.

I don’t link to him very often, but John Beckett has a very fine piece on this. You can find it here. He has said the things I want to say.

I am so saddened by this. Why, why are my people so filled with hatred and fear? Why will they choose leaders not in their own best interests, so long as they can stick it to those who are not like them?

We have so much work to do, friends. The Earth-honoring, kind world we hope for is still a long time in coming, and we must redouble our efforts to bring it about.

Because I Cannot Be Silent

“George Floyd! George Floyd! George Floyd! SAY HIS NAME!”
Protesters in my city, June 2, 2020

There is nothing I can say that has not been said, more articulately and with more authority.

There is nothing I can add that doesn’t come through a filter of privilege.

There is nothing I can do but fight for justice.

But I have a forum, and I will not be silent on this.

Police murder of black and brown unarmed civilians is a pandemic in the United States. It is a means that entire communities are kept under the sometimes literal boot of white privilege. It is the perpetuation of oppression dating back 400 years.

Atheopagans oppose this.

We are explicit about this in our Atheopagan Principle #7: Inclusiveness. We are all equal in value, we humans, and we all deserve equal respect (at least until our behavior dictates otherwise. NOT because of race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, body shape or size, disability or any other human variation).

I am appalled that there is anyone in my country who would not agree that Black Lives Matter. They matter enormously, and they must be treated as such.

White supremacy is an insidious, poisonous mockery of human pride. It is a revolting attitude. It must be eradicated.

As for the nuances of this, and how this is to be accomplished, I turn—and urge you to turn—to black and brown voices who speak with an authority I cannot.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.

It Is Long Past Time for Women, God Damn It.

I voted for Elizabeth Warren for US President.

She was clearly the smartest, most prepared, most compassionate and sincere and—yes, I’ll say it—most progressive candidate in the race. She really gets poverty. She gets bigotry. She gets intersectionality.

She gets it.

She wasn’t perfect, and she’s made mistakes. Who hasn’t?

But Elizabeth Ann Warren is an educated, passionate, articulate, knowledgeable woman. And that, America simply could not forgive.

I am sickened.

I work in the nonprofit sector, and I have worked under a number of women. And I would characterize most of them as exceptional leaders with competency, empathy, compassion, and focus, who nonetheless had to be twice as good and twice as prepared as a man would have to be in order to get to where they had climbed.

I am ready, America. I was ready for the most qualified person in the race to win last time, and the Presidency was stolen from her by foreign meddling and Republican vote suppression.

I want more women in power. LOTS more women.

I believe it will be different.

Certainly the current sausage party in Washington—this neverending shitshow led by the most toxic male living on the planet today—cannot be made much worse.

It’s been thousands of years. Centuries since a bunch of asshole men swept into this continent slaughtering and raping and enslaving and destroying in the name of money.

It’s been long enough.

It is time for women.

It is long past time.