The Yule Log—A Winter Solstice Ritual

This year, the longest night of the year—Winter Solstice, or Yule—takes place on Thursday, December 21st. On the night of the Winter Solstice, an old tradition that we have adapted for Atheopagan purposes is the burning of the Yule log. Yule marks the moment in the year when the sun's steady decline, with days growing shorter …

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The Ritual Mask—A Project

          Awhile back, I wrote about the ritual technique of adopting the "mask" of a Quality, attribute, natural phenomenon or even god/dess for purposes of embodying that personality in a ritual. I called the technique the "God mask". While this technique can be used without an actual physical mask, it's far more effective using …

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Atheopagan “advent” calendar–a fun project for the holidays

Instructions for making your own Atheopagan "advent" calendar, complete with resizable clip art images you can use for the tiny pictures behind the windows. Includes education on Atheopagan principles and themes. This is a Word document, so the images could be embedded as resizable objects. Enjoy!

An Atheopagan Rosary

I’ve been thinking about personal practices. They vary; for some, having a community of like-minded peers and going to a seasonal celebration of all or most of the 8 festivals around the year fulfills what they seek out of a religion. Others like to do something solitary now and then as well—or exclusively. Still others …

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