A Reading List for Atheopagans

Lately, it seems a lot of people in the Pagan community are publishing suggested book lists. To my eyes, these lists range widely in quality, but the idea is a good one. So here are some books I recommend: Godless Paganism, edited by John Halstead. This collection of essays, poems and other pieces collects the …

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Music for Atheopagan Ritual Use

The music below was recommended by members of the Atheopagan Facebook group for use in Atheopagan rituals. Particularly in solitary rituals (when, obviously, having live accompaniment isn't possible), the addition of a musical "soundtrack" can be tremendously powerful. Also listed are some sources for chants which can be used in group rituals—singing is one of …

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The 13 Atheopagan Principles

Click here for a one-page layout of the Atheopagan Principles, suitable for printing. For individual articles on each Principle, see: 1: CRITICAL THINKING 2: REVERENCE FOR THE SACRED EARTH 3: GRATITUDE 4: HUMILITY 5: PERSPECTIVE/HUMOR 6: PRAXIS 7: INCLUSIVENESS 8: LEGACY 9: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 10: PLEASURE POSITIVE 11: CURIOSITY 12: INTEGRITY 13: KINDNESS and COMPASSION